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0321-5056755 Two Years Diploma in Bio Medical Technology

July 16, 2021
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Course Overview

Biomedical Engineering, a comparatively new discipline, deals with the application of engineering principles in the field of medicine. Biomedical Engineering deals with development and applications of the instrumentation, computers, materials, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, artificial organs and prostheses, and medical information systems for use in medical research and practice. Quality of life is definitely more superior to what it was in the past. This is due to present day advancements in the field of Biomedical Engineering. This discipline provides advanced tools and gadgets to monitor body functions and also the systems which correct malfunctions.

Registration Requirements

Minimum qualification required for this training program is matriculation (Science / Arts) form any recognized board.

Course Contents

1. Biomaterials

2. Pharmaceutical Microbiology

3. Analytical Techniques in Chemistry

4. Synthesis and processing of Materials

5. Bioceramics

6. Tissue engineering

7. Advanced Biomechanics

8. Rehabilitation Engineering

9. Bioinformatics

10. Hospital system Management

11. Quality Assurance, Regulation and Medical Ethics

12. Quality Improvement and Statistical Process Control

13. Biosensors

14. Biomedical Technology Applications

15. Group Biomedical Technology Project

16. Socially Responsible Management

17. Bioinstrumentation

  1. Cellular, Tissue, and Genetic Engineering
  2. Clinical Engineering
  3. Medical Imaging
  4. Orthopedic Bioengineering
  5. Rehabilitation Engineering
  6. Biomedical Electronics
  7. Biomedical Instrumentation
  8. Signals and Systems
  9. Microprocessor & Interfacing
  10. Biomedical Signal Processing
  11. Biomechanics
  12. Biomedical Control Systems

30. Biomedical Technology Project and Industrial Placement

Study Modes

Ø Regular Campus Based Training

Ø Distance Learning Training Program

Ø Online Training Program

Ø Experience and Competency Based Certification

For Registration & Information

Please Call: 0092331-5999937, 0092321-5056755

​Whatsapp: 0092-331-5999937

Email Address : Info@asdicourse.com

Contact Information
Address: Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan,

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