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0321-5056755 Two Years Diploma in Computer Hardware Technology (Hardware Technician)

July 5, 2021
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Course Overview

This course will provide participant a much needed knowledge of computer hardware and trouble shooting. Enabling them to identify and rectify the computer hardware, software related problems. With the help of this course the participant will be able to understand the hardware specifications that are required to run operating system and various application programs. Also, upgrading of existing hardware / software as and when required.

For every software developer out there creating new programs, a hardware engineer is building physical systems capable of handling the loads modern applications need. Build a career around the engineering required for the next level of computer processing with courses and certifications designed to give you the fundamental knowledge you need to get started.

Registration Requirements

Minimum Qualification Required For This Training Program Is Matriculation (Science / Arts) Form Any Recognized Board.

Course Contents


  1. Computer Service Concepts
  2. Analog vs. Digital
  3. Microcomputer Electronic Components
  4. Architecture
  5. System Board, CPU BIOS, Memory, Storage, Input/Output
  6. Power Systems
  7. Portable Computer Systems
  8. Memory Architecture
  9. Disk System Architecture
  10. Storage Types
  11. IDE Disk Systems
  12. SCSI Disk Systems
  13. Expansion Bus Architecture
  14. What is a Bus?
  15. Expansion Bus Features
  16. Industry Standard Architecture (ISA)
  17. Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)
  18. Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Bus
  19. Peripheral Devices
  20. Computer Display Devices
  21. Computer Disassembly
  22. Computer Reassembly
  23. Device Installation
  24. Hardware Troubleshooting
  25. Troubleshooting Resources
  26. Operating Systems
  27. Types of Software
  28. Operating System Terms and Concepts
  29. Classic Operating Systems
  30. The Windows 9x/2000 Interface
  31. Windows
  32. The Command Prompt
  33. Windows Configuration and Management
  34. Installing and Using Windows 7/8/8.1
  35. Application Installation and Configuration
  36. Using and Configuring Additional Peripherals
  37. Windows Printing Configuration
  38. Installing Peripheral Drivers
  39. Preventative Maintenance
  40. Backing Up Your Data
  41. Guarding Against Virus Attacks
  42. Creating and Using and Emergency Disk
  43. Software Troubleshooting
  44. Common Windows Problems
  45. Troubleshooting Utilities


Study Modes

Ø Regular Campus Based Training

Ø Distance Learning Training Program

Ø Online Training Program

Ø Experience And Competency Based Certification

For Registration & Information

Please Call: 0092331-5999937, 0092321-5056755

​Whatsapp: 0092-331-5999937

Email Address : Info@asdicourse.com

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