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0321-5056755 Two Years Diploma in Dress Making & Dress Designing Technology

July 16, 2021
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Course Overview

This course will give you a complete understanding of fashion design and dressmaking. You will be guided through the history and principles of the subject, the formulation and presentation of ideas, the design process, understanding the materials and tools you’ll work with, and creating your own garments.

Good fashion design is based on certain rules of aesthetic. You will explore the basic principles of aesthetics, including proportion, balance, harmony, rhythm, repetition, radiation, scale, gradation, emphasis and contrast. From this, you will understand the importance good aesthetics have in enhancing and refining creative elements in fashion.

Lines, form, shape, texture, pattern and colour. These are the elements that determine the features of a dress and distinguish one style from another. Through studying the Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course you will gain an appreciation of each of these elements and how they come together.

It is important to be able to clearly express your ideas before the manufacturing of a garment begins. This course will talk you through presenting your ideas through hand drawings and computer software and the details that should be included for specific markets.

Success in fashion relies on a solid understanding of the design process. The Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course talks you through the importance of being able to predict fashion trends, gaining inspiration, and using colour boards and sketchbooks to formulate ideas.

The course talks you through the art of dressmaking and how to work through a brief with a client so that you know exactly what they want and can help them to make decisions. You will learn how to study the structure of the wearer, design the clothes, and select appropriate fabrics and embellishments.

Dressmaking requires certain basics tools, most of which can be found in a typical sewing kit. From safety pins to dressmaker’s dummies, the Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course talks you through all of the equipment that you need, outlining the importance and function of each item.

You will learn about the various types of fabric, their specific qualities and common uses, how to care for and prepare each, and the additional materials used in the creation of various garments. The course provides a guide to the amount of fabric that you need to create some classic garments, such as skirts, dresses and blouses and describes some of the tools and techniques used to mark and cut cloth.

Registration Requirements

Minimum qualification required for this training program is matriculation (Science / Arts) form any recognized board.

Course Contents

  1. The Evolution of Fashion Design Over Time
  2. Entering the Industry – Opportunities for All
  3. Importance of Aesthetics
  4. Principles of Aesthetics
  5. Elements of Fashion Design
  6. Texture
  7. Drawing Manually
  8. Tips for Effective Drawing
  9. Predicting Fashion Trends
  10. Designing a collection
  11. Designing a Single Garment
  12. Principles Governing Dressmaking
  13. Selecting Material
  14. The Basic Sewing Kit
  15. Basic equipment needed
  16. Types of Fabrics
  17. Other Materials Required
  18. Marking the Fabric
  19. Sewing Manually
  20. Sewing with a Machine
  21. Dresses
  22. Skirts
  23. Tops
  24. Pants
  25. Jackets
  26. Drafting and swing techniques
  27. Designing
  28. Hand or machine embroidery
  29. Figure Drawing
  30. Computer application in DDM

Study Modes

Ø Regular Campus Based Training

Ø Distance Learning Training Program

Ø Online Training Program

Ø Experience and Competency Based Certification

For Registration & Information

Please Call: 0092331-5999937, 0092321-5056755

​Whatsapp: 0092-331-5999937

Email Address : Info@asdicourse.com

Contact Information
Address: Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan,

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