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0321-5056755 Two Years Diploma in Foundry and Pattern Making Technology

August 6, 2021
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Course Overview

Foundry and Pattern Making is a technology where castings of machines and auto mobile parts are produced economically and efficiently in bulk quantity in less time than any other techniques.

Foundry and Pattern Making Technology comprises on two sections.


2.Pattern Making

In the casting process a pattern is made first in desired design by use of wood, plastic or metal. A foundry is a technique where mold is made with pattern and casting is produced by melting and pouring of either ferrous or non-ferrous alloys into mold in desired shape with close tolerance.

Objectives of this course are to enable the students-

• To promote understanding of basic facts and concepts in foundry process while retaining the excitement of foundry industry.

• To make students capable of studying foundry technology in academic and Industrial courses.

• To expose the students to various emerging new areas of foundry technology and apprise them with their prevalent in their future studies and their applications in various spheres of manufacturing technology.

• To develop problem solving skills in students.

• To expose the students to different processes used in Foundry Industries and their applications.

• To develop ability and to acquire the skill and knowledge of terms, facts, concepts, processes, techniques and principles of foundry industries.

• To develop ability to apply the skill and knowledge of contents of principles of foundry technology.

• To inquire of new skill and knowledge of foundry technology and developments therein.

• To expose and to develop interest in the fields of foundry technology

Registration Requirements

Minimum qualification required for this training program is matriculation (Science / Arts) form any recognized board.

Course Contents

1.Foundry Technology

2.Wood Working hand tools

3.Ferrous Metallurgy

4.Basic Pattern Making

5.Safety practice and Procedures

6.Basic Metal Work

7.Engineering Drawing and CAD

8.Advance Pattern Making

9.Non-Ferrous metallurgy

10.Workshop practice on Machine shop

11.Workshop practice on Basic Welding and Forging

12.Wood Working Machines

13.Product Lay Out and CAD

14.Metallurgical Calculations

15.Metallography and Heat-treatment

16.Material testing

17.Materials Science

18.Material of Pattern

19.Pattern type

20.Tools and equipment

21.Pattern Construction Technology

22.Designing of Patterns

23.Melting of primary and secondary metals

24.Melting technology

25.Composition control and melt quality

26.Handling of liquid metal

27.Conventional Sand moulding

28.Moulding Machine

29.Mould Quality

30.Functions& design of mould

31.Core Making

32.Sand Casting

33.Plaster mold casting

34.Permanent mold casting

35.Centrifugal casting

36.Investment casting

37.Fettling & Inspection of Casting

38.Machining Operation

39.Unconventional Machining

40.Testing & Inspection

Study Modes

  • Regular Campus Based Training
  • Distance Learning Training Program
  • Online Training Program
  • Experience and Competency Based Certification

For Registration & Information

Please Call: 0092331-5999937, 0092321-5056755

​Whatsapp: 0092-331-5999937

Email Address : Info@asdicourse.com

Contact Information
Address: Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan,

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