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September 6, 2020
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1. SMS alert on each Transaction with Bill detail. Product sold quantity before and after transaction. Bill profit , Total Profit, Patients admitted, cash in Pharmacy and Doctor Fee Detail.
2. Manage All Expenses.
3. Manage All Cash Accounts.
4. Manage Patients Accounts with detail.
5. Manage Distributors / Suppliers Accounts with detail.
6. Manage Doctor Fee.
7. Manage Beds wise Rent and medicine applied on patients.
8. Manage Stock
9. Manage Expiry.
10.SMS alert of Short Items.
11.SMS alert about Products Not sold in this week.
12 SMS alert on Patient admission and Discharge..
13 SMS alert Products Recounted.
14. Prepare Sale Or Purchase bill by Barcode or By Product Names or Codes , Very easy Product search. Search Product Name With Any letter from moddle or start
15. Group Medicine for Operations and add in bill at once.
16. Quick new Product entry
17. Mange Packs and open Tablets or Products piece by piece sale.
18. Enable Patient SMS.
19. Enable Distributor SMS.
20. Sale liquid products with reading.
21. Manage whole sale, purchase, avg and retail, also offer rates.
22. SMS alert on each Epenses.
23. User Permissions to Operate. Every user can perform allowed tasks.
24. Get Full Control on Cash Flow.
​25. Print Sale Bill with Small Thermal Printer.
26. Easy Backup.

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