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December 6, 2021
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Are you inquiring about figuring out how to make a mobile app? We can handle every phase of developing and implementing your mobile app. The Web Care House mobile app development team leads all stages of mobile app development, from conception and concept to implementation, maintenance, and support. We provide full-cycle development services that cater to your business needs, and we have developed hundreds of successful mobile apps. Our company has you covered from conception to final development. For any Web Care House business, mobile applications are essential for better customer engagement. It is imperative that your mobile app is intuitive, fast, secure, and offers a positive user experience to achieve this goal. Web Care House mobile app development services are tailored to provide you with reliable mobile solutions to enhance your business. Business owners increasingly want to use mobile devices to access their existing web solutions as mobile technologies replace desktops. Web Care House mobile app experts can help you create seamless and practical mobile applications and use great mobile technology to work for your business. Ev Source specializes in mobile app development.


Mobile application development for Android

Each year, Android device owners grow in number. Offering your unique solution to users of Android devices is something you want to do! Our Android app developers use the Java and Kotlin programming languages and use Google’s tools and guidelines to develop Android apps for various devices. With highly customizable apps, you can win your audience’s loyalty with data-driven mobile security and understand material design. Make a strong impact with a unified experience that is experienced across all screens, or make your VR experience more immersive and exciting with highly immersive experiences.

Services for building AR apps

Customers can be engaged in augmented reality for entertainment and a wide range of different purposes. We make location-aware AR apps that improve the consumer experience in various applications, including retail, travel, and gaming. ARCore and ARKit are software frameworks that are used to implement 3D features in apps.

Mobile Application Development for Android

We have helped Fortune 500 companies create custom Android applications that seamlessly run on all Android devices with Web Care House. Android app development services. With us, you’ll have access to powerful Android development teams capable of handling the entire development to submission process to Google Play.

Our mobile specialists can offer leveraging Google Cloud technologies, integrating Google Pay and in-app purchases, simplifying sign-in processes with Google Identity Platform, and much more.

Development of hybrid mobile applications

Our mobile engineers at Web Care House are skilled at building hybrid apps that extend the functionality of existing customer websites on various mobile devices while repurposing the current code. We use PhoneGap, Cordova, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, React Native, and Ionic to develop hybrid apps

Applications for the iOS operating system

Are you aware that Apple users show greater loyalty to their brands than Android users? A mobile app for iOS is a good investment. You can update your Android app to iOS with our iOS mobile app development services. Building iOS apps using Swift and Objective-C is one of our best practices.

Application development for the React Native framework

A single software code base powers both iOS and Android apps built by Web Care House While apps made in React Native feel like apps written in Java or Swift, the code is proprietary to React Native and operating system independent and can easily be upgraded in future. The development process is faster using React Native because it is proprietary to React Native.

Developing apps for connected TVs

We have helped leading companies in various industries develop end-to-end connected TV solutions that improve brand experiences, increase engagement, and drive viewership.

We are passionate about designing and developing live streaming, VOD, and OTT platforms for Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen TV, Chromecast, and more. Click here for other product examples.

Devops for mobile

Your organization can increase efficiency by collaborating and communicating better among different teams so that applications can be developed, tested, and delivered faster.

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