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One Year Telecom Technician Diploma In Pakistan

June 15, 2021
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MOFAAttested Telecom Technician World Valid Authentic Diploma for UAE, KSA, Oman,Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain

Telecom technicians often arereferred to as telecommunications installers and repair persons. As a telecomtech, your duties primarily consist of setting up and maintaining equipment anddevices that carry Internet traffic and other communications signals. You’llalso work with the equipment that leads to telephone lines. There are a numberof educational and training paths you can take to become a telecom tech, mainlydependent on your career goals. You usually can break into the field with atwo-year associate’s degree in electronics repair or a related field of study.Local community colleges and technical schools also offer specific courses thatwill prepare you to be a telecom technician. You often can receive training onspecific pieces of equipment through the manufacturer, too. Basic technicaltraining prepares you to work with coaxial cables and fiber optics, plugs,jacks, splices and connectors. Employers prefer that you obtain a four-yeardegree to handle the complex wiring and equipment used in the telecommunicationindustry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A Bachelor ofScience degree in computer science and electronics can help you land a betterposition than if you just have basic training. Usually, companies that providecommercial communications systems and hire central office technicians, alsocalled equipment installation technicians, require candidates to hold afour-year degree. Some municipalities and businesses require certificationbefore you can work on certain systems. You can get certified by taking coursesand passing extensive examinations through organizations such as the Society ofCable Telecommunications Engineers and the Telecommunication IndustryAssociation. Through the SCTE, you can earn credentials such as the BroadbandPremises Installer and the Internet Protocol Engineering Professionalcertifications. The TIA offers various levels of the Session InitiationProtocol certifications. Manufacturers also provide certifications to work ontheir equipment. To retain your certifications, you typically need to staycurrent with changes in technology and return to the organizations forrecertification after taking continuing ed courses. On the job, you willcontinue to receive training and, in fact, may receive the bulk of yourtraining on the job as you become familiar with new systems and learn fromexperienced crew members. As you gain experience, you can continue learning newsystems and earn additional qualifying credentials or move into otherspecialties within the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports thatexperienced telecom techs become invaluable to companies as troubleshooters.Additionally, with sufficient sales skills, you would make an ideal candidatefor a manufacturer’s representative position, selling new equipment.Telecom Applied Diploma program emphasizeshands-on, practical training with equipment typically encountered inindustry. Telecommunications Technicians install, maintain and repairtelecommunications equipment. Through theoretical and practical study, TelecomApplied Diploma will prepare you for a career in this exciting and dynamicindustry. Skills in the telecommunications industry are in high demand. Ifyou like working with computers and data transfer equipment, if you enjoy thechallenge of always learning something new, and if you want to be part of agrowing industry, the Telecommunications Technician program can open the doorto a variety of exciting careers.

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