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pure Australian tea tree oil

June 24, 2020
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Tea Tree Oil Comes From The Leaves Of Melaleuca Alternifolia, A Small Tree Native To Queensland And New South Wales, Australia.

Usage: Tea Tree Oil Has 80% More Antibacterial & Anti Fugal Properties. This Oil Is To Treat Coughs And Colds Or Applied Directly To The Skin For Healing. Hand Sanitizer, Insect Repellent, Natural Deodorant, Antiseptic For Minor Cuts And Scrapes, Boost Wound Healing, Fight Acne, Get Rid Of Nail Fungus, Watts, Skin Tagging, Moles, Chemical-Free Mouthwash, All-Purpose Cleaner, Soothe Skin Inflammation, Control Dandruff, Treat Athlete's Foot Banish Mold On Fruits And Vegetables, Relieve Psoriasis.

Tea Tree Oil Reduce Bacterial Fungal Problems And Has Anaesthetize Qualities That Provide Immediate Relief Contact. Using Cotton Bud Apply 2-3 Times Daily After Washing.


  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Insect Repellent
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Antiseptic For Minor Cuts & Scrapes
  • Boost Wound Healing
  • Fight Acne
  • Get Rid Of Nail Fungus
  • Chemical-Free Mouthwash
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Soothe Skin Inflammation
  • Control Dandruff
  • Treat Athlete's Foot
  • Banish Mold On Skin
  • Relieve Psoriasis
  • Relieves And Eliminates Acne
  • Lightens Scars And Blemishes
  • Removes Blackheads
  • Treats Cuts, Scrapes And Wounds
  • Heals Skin Infections Such As Eczema And Psoriasis
  • Calms Itching
  • Natural Deodorant And Air Purifier
  • Treats Nail Fungus, Athlete's Foot And Ringworm
  • Gets Rid Of Cold Sores And Warts
  • Eliminates Dandruff
  • All-Purpose Cleaner For The Home
  • Kills Mold
  • Powerful Insecticide
  • Clears Up Sinus Infections
  • Relieves Sore Throat And Earaches

Improves Bad Breath.

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Address:Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan,

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